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Andres Bisonni Ministries,Spirit of the Lord

"Andres Bisonni :Holy Spirit Outpouring in Prison"

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Andres Bisonni who is the pastor of 'Andres Bisonni Ministries' is indeed an anointed preacher by the holy spirit. His main message is about the blood of Jesus, repentance, holiness, baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing by the stripes of Jesus. 'Andres Bisonni Ministries' is dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for the sick and taking the Fire of the Holy Spirit to the nations! People cry because of their sins and because of love of God thats poured into their lives. The Spirit that works there, is clearly and without a doubt, the Holy Spirit. You can literally see the presence of the holy spirit when this great man of God preaches. People cry, fall and are on their knees .In this video you can see that Holy Spirit Outpouring in Prison in Huntsville, United States.Whoever watches this will cry for JESUS and new hope and joy will come to you that right moment. I felt it .Did you ?

Amazing Fire of the Holy Spirit in FINLAND!

Watch the amazing presence of God in Finland! If the video is a blessing to you, feel free to share it with your friends, and let's welcome the Holy Spirit upon our nations!


Andres Bisonni:Glorious Holy Spirit in England!!

 Watch the power of the holy spirit in England as Andres Bisonni delivers yet another anointed healing session for the people of UK.

Andres Bisonni in Pakistan

Watch the amazing Miracles of Andres Bisonni in Pakistan!

Powerful Miracles in the Bahamas!

Watch Andres Bisonni reaching out to the rest of the world
(Watch below 77 videos of 'Andres Bisonni Ministries' pouring out in all parts of the world)

The kingdom of God is not of words but of power! Glory to God.Keep watching the amazing outpouring of the holy spirit
in almost all parts of the world. Click the above video to view more 77 videos one after another clips of Andres Bisonni spreading the message of Jesus Christ all over the world.The Music of the videos have been composed & sung by Jesus Culture.

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